New Equipment Catalog - Ride Vehicles

All rides come standard with a sound system tailored to fit the theme of the ride!

Customized Jeep

Jeeps have always been a favorite for the children.  Add a couple to your ride so there is more different vehicles to choose from.  The more variety you have, the more times they have to come back to make sure they rode in every different kind of vehicle you have.

Farm Tractor Vehicle

Our new Farm Tractor vehicles have a single seat for two children, complete steering wheels and horn buttons (one for each child), a two tone motor, a set of LED lights on the seat and the hood, head and tail lights. Complete with "slow vehicle triangle" decal, a muffler mounted to the hood, and a beautiful two tone body with colors of your choosing!

Motorcycle Vehicle

Motorcycles are a favorite among almost all kids. We build two types of motorcycle vehicles; a single bike which is primarily used on our motorcycle jump rides and a double vehicle which is often used on combination rides.

Quad Runner Vehicle

Every child wants a Quad Runner so why not buy a new ride with nothing but Quad Runners on it.  This way everyone gets to sit on the Quad Runner and nobody has to wait for the next turn.  Each quad runner seats two riders.   Available in a variety of colors.

UTV Vehicles

The UTV's are a new sports recreation vehicle theme kiddie ride.  Similar to our Quad Runners, the UTVs are a popular choice among kids wanting to drive their own all terrain vehicle.  Available in your choice of colors.

VW Car Vehicle

Our VW Cars would make a great addition to any ride.  Newly designed vehicles feature deeper seating which will make everyone, especially those with smaller children, feel more at ease about letting their child ride.  Available in a variety of colors.

Wave Runner Vehicle

The Wave Runner is a popular ride that features six wave runners, capable of seating three riders each.  Available in your choice of colors.

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